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Organic certification by ECOCERT, adopted in December 2009

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A real evolution

We have always managed our environmental impact but never as much as we have, since beeing involved in organic production.

Organic production seemed to be the right direction to take to work in a conscious way. We took on the challenge and with advice from friends who were already using this method, we were able to implement organic production. Our children, who were too young to give their opinion about this evolution, were the ultimate reason.

Nevertheless, organic specification is not an end in itself. We realise, through our consultants and our friends' opinions, that even if nature must be protected, we can use its secrets and natural componants to protect our vines.

Thus, for a few years now, we have added infusions of 5 different plants to our treatment preparation such as thyme or willow. Who would have guessed that one day our treatments would smell so good ?!

In addition, we have decreased sulfite quantities in our wines, getting to the point where we have less than half of the official specified amounts.

Chateau Mille Roses wines are organically certified and supervised by an independant organism called Ecocert.